About Us

aboutusWe maintain the traditional values that made this farm great. We believe in hard work, quality, sacrifice and customer service. We combine our principals and traditions with the modern technology and innovations to bring you the best products at the very best prices. We have always been and will always remain CLOSED on Sunday.

A History of Quality
Selle Farm is family owned and operated since 1902. Our mission is to provide quality product with outstanding service. We strive to provide a large product availability and are open to customer requests. We only grow the finest quality of Annuals, Perennials and vegetable plants.

Our annuals are grown from seedling to full plant right here in our own greenhouses. We use the highest quality seeds and vegetative stock. Our professional growers are constantly making sure our plants receive the care they need. We make sure the plants are “hardened” that they don’t experience shock on your shelf.

Our vegetable and herb line is quite extensive and has been expanding for the last couple years. We continue to grow this line as demand requires.